Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Are Yaaroo!

Are Yaaroo! is a short film based on the aggression of the youth on the system as well as on India Shutdown. The film was critically acclaimed for it's script, screenplay and cinematography.
This short film is inspired from a true event "August 2010 India shutdown". Aniruddh Mishra shot a documentary on the day of India Shutdown in which affected people were interviewed. It was found that 90% of the people interviewed were unhappy with this political stunt.

Comments from Directors:
Mr. Raj Kaushal (Producer/Director: Pyaar me kabhi kabhi, Shaadi ka ladoo, Anthony kaun hai)
great thought...script wise great...effective lines....regd the cast; real faces r good..ur bit as actor n writer was the best part of the film. cheers
Mr. Rajiv Mehra (Director/Producer: Office-office, Chamatkaar, Ramjaane)
Good Job! Interesting film.
Mr. Kunal Deshmukh (Director: Jannat, Tum Mile)
looks great , all the best . its street miles ahead of the short film that i had made . keep the fire in you alive
Ms. Rajashree (National award winner "The Rebel" and novelist "Trust me")
I really enjoyed your acting, especially in the nutty sequences. The film has been shot and edited well. Good scripting.
Mr. Sanjay Kapoor (Actor/Director/Producer: Shree Ohm Creations)
Very well written and presented. The film reflects the actual views of the common man.
Mrs. Anju Rajiv (Actor/Director/Producer: Shree Ohm Creations)
Punchy dialogues, good camera work and acting.

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